Phadas belong to the rich tradition of paintings of western India. Phad painting is a beautiful specimen of Indian cloth painting. Rajasthan is the land of colors is known for Phad painting, which is done on cloth. These cloth scroll-paintings in folk styles are known as phads and they depict the lives of local heroes and their stories, and legends of erstwhile local rulers. The smaller version of phad is known as phadakye. Vegetable colours are used on cloth and paper for creating phad paining and historical themes are depicted on phad paintings.

Phad is a type of scroll painting. These paintings are created while using bright and subtle colors. The outlines of the paintings are first drawn in block and later filled with colors. Vibrant colours and bold lines, along with a two-dimensional treatment of figures, and the entire composition arranged in sections, are characteristic of these paintings. has been into Indian Rajasthani phad paintings from a long time. We are exporters and suppliers of different and attractive phad paintings in Rajasthan. For any requirement of Traditional Cloth Phad painting, Decorative Cloth phad painting, Folk art Phad Painting, Indian Art on cloth Phad Painting, Indian painting on cloth-Phad Painting, Historical, Mythological, antique phad paintings, please feel free to contact us.

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